This Is The Site Of The New Lunar Report

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This new thing is under construction.  I am learning a great deal, but I need to know more.  Since readers like you have made The Lunar Report possible for so long, I am looking to you again.  Any ideas, suggestions and flat-out criticism is more than welcome!

The New Lunar needs a wider appeal. I know that. For that reason, it needs other contributors on a wider range of regular topics. One idea I am kicking around is to have all contributors share the same last name – Moon! I can see some marketing value in having a site called, “The Lunar Report” being written exclusively by Moons! At the same time, I realize I may be stretching that marketing thing a bit.

The New Lunar also needs more interaction, more photos and videos. It also needs some big time revenue generation! I will eventually learn how to achieve all of that. Until then, bring on your thoughts!

I’d love to hear your ideas on all of this – those of you who happen to find yourselves at a site under construction!

Write to me at david@moon-inc.

Thanks, y’all!

David Moon