LUNACY – “PROM NIGHT”  April 23, 2016

LUNACY – “PROM NIGHT” April 23, 2016

Look, some of my favorite people are local television weather anchors. So, don’t take this personally, y’all. I’m just establishing some facts here. Lately, so many weather reporters, folks I do not know, have been irritating me. Instead of just telling me what the weather will be, they tell me what to do.  They say things like, … Continue reading »

LUNACY – “COPD”  April 12, 2016

LUNACY – “COPD” April 12, 2016

Look. The Lunacy is where I try to be funny. And let’s face it, COPD is not funny. COPD stands for “Cardio – something – something – Disorder.” It’s a heart-lung thing. And COPD is what I’ve got! That picture’s not me, by the way. But it pretty much paints the right picture.   Now … Continue reading »