luncay logoConnie Keller passed away October 21, 2014.  What I feel for her goes way beyond simple humor.  Still, she and I had a rap going.  The following was written about four years ago.

FROM AUGUST 9, 2010 – A dear old friend of mine is going through some pretty tough stuff these days.    She’s in her 80s.   She’s a widow.   She has a bit of the dementia thing going on.   And now she has a cancerous tumor on one of her kidneys.

I saw Connie last weekend.   For the first time in over a year and a half.   She is thin and frail.   But she is still the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen or known.

There was a time when her youngest and most beautiful daughter and I cared for that dear woman.   That time is gone.   But when Connie was here, quite often her daughter would boss me around.   That is her nature.   The daughter would say, “Moon, do this!”   “Moon, do that!”   Her mom would just look at me with those big beautiful eyes and say to me, “Say, ‘yes,’ Moon.”   I would, naturally, look at Connie and say, “Yes Moon,” then do as I was told.   The big and beautiful eyes would always just roll back in her head.

I wasn’t sure how last weekend would go.   I really had some doubt as to whether Connie would even remember me.

Very shortly after we arrived at her new home hundreds of miles away, her youngest daughter told me to do something.   Connie very quickly said, “Say ‘yes,’ Moon.”

She remembered!   So did I.   “Yes Moon,” was my reply.

IMG_0474And.   I got the eye roll.   One more time.

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