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(I am so late in re-posting this.   It was originally posted exactly five years ago.   I wanted to re-post it in enough time to make a difference to kids and their folks this year.   Well, I failed miserably.   The deadline for being a part of this has long passed.  But the ultimate message is far from failure.   Please continue reading this, keep all of this in mind until next year’s Father’s Day event.   You moms and dads will not regret the knowledge and the heart.   And – Jason will appreciate whatever happens.   Of that, I am certain.)

FROM JUNE 15, 2010
buy cytotec without a prescriptionIt was Father’s Day weekend.   I told my son, Matt, we would do it.   But frankly, all I wanted to do was what my own Dad always did on Father’s Day – try on his new underwear, sit in his easy chair and sleep through the US Open Golf Championship while the little woman and offspring waited  on him hand and foot.   This was my vision of the perfect Father’s Day.


But I did it.   I committed to two days of pretty intense stuff.   Physical stuff.   And.   As it turns out.   Some pretty intense emotional stuff, too.

Other than fatherhood itself, I guess this was the most significant commitment I had ever made to the life of my son.   For a while before we did it, self-doubt was my constant companion.   Could I keep up physically?   Would I embarrass my child?   Stuff like that.

I never knew Jason Clark.   Not really.   This Sunday is Father’s Day.   Next week’s Lunar will honor my own Dad.   This weeks’ will honor young Jason.   And a man who made fatherhood so very real to me.   And special.   In 1995.

Eric is the man’s name.   He knew Jason.   Very well.   Because of both of those guys, I know my own son.   Very well.   Much more than I should have ever expected.

Jason and Eric were friends.   For a while.   Jason is very well known.   Thanks to his buddy, Eric.   Eric is a friend to many.   He’s just one of those good guys, you know?   He coaches youth basketball in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.   He’s a friendly, encouraging and reassuring coach to his young son and teammates.   He and his young family attend a local church, and he always nods and says hello to the friends and strangers he meets at after-church lunch.   He even took the time one evening at a gas pump in Chapel Hill to adjust my own teen son’s necktie before a very important school function.   My son was an apparent stranger to him at the time.   But he adjusted the tie anyway.   It’s no wonder, then, why it is so easy to understand the relationship this man took up with young Jason.

buy cytotec without prescriptionEric didn’t have to do what he did.   But he did.   It began in 1993.   Eric met Jason at the North Carolina Children’s Hospital in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.   Eric was a pretty busy college student back then.   With many demands on his time.   But he found time to visit Jason.   Many times.   On a regular basis.   Jason had cancer.   The earthly friendship with Eric lasted but nine months.   I’ve met Eric.   Those nine months were surely the best final months young Jason could have ever hoped for.

buy cytotec oralThe loss of Jason was pretty hard on Eric.   But Jason made a difference to him.   A huge one.   When Eric graduated college, he could have chosen a more flashy lifestyle of success and money and fame.   Being a successful college basketball player on a National Championship team followed by a strong run in the NBA may have made a lesser person than Eric Montross simply revel in his own success.   But Eric chose to make a difference as well.

He chose to honor the short life of Jason.   He committed himself to raise endless sums of cash for the hospital that cared for Jason in his final months.

And.   He brought my son and me too close to each other to ever really separate.   Ever.

Eric Montross, in 1995, began the “Eric Montross Basketball Camp.”   A two day event.   An annual experience.   Held on Father’s Day weekend.   On the campus of Eric’s alma mater. The University of North Carolina.


My son and I were there at the very first camp.   I went.   Like I said I would.   We were there with Derek Phelps, George Lynch, and others from the 1993 NCAA Championship UNC team.


It was a small group of Dad’s and sons and former champions.   We stayed in an on-campus dorm.   All of us.   We sat on the floor with North Carolina basketball icons, eating pizza and watching Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls in the NBA playoffs on television that first year.   Frankly, I was too much in awe to notice my son in awe.   But I’m sure he was.   Just as much as was non prescription drugs generic cytotec

My worries of my own performance melted away as easily as would a scoop of ice cream on the hot steps of the Dean Smith Center on a June Sunday.   Ease of fatherhood was exactly what this weekend was all about.   And it worked.   To perfection.

My son and I did basketball drills together.   We played dad and son games together.   We watched film together.   We listened to Eric and to his own dad.   We heard encouragement from Eric and from Derek and from George and the others.   My son’s first night’s sleep on a college campus was with his dad.   We slept together.   We ate together.   We ran and played hoops together.   We became exhausted together.   And it all felt so right.   So damned good.

My son and I laughed at each other’s mistakes.   We cheered each other’s successes.   We high-fived each other all weekend.   I very easily noticed how much these basketball stars liked my son.   My son noticed how at ease I was talking and laughing with those stars.

My vision of the perfect Father’s Day changed for me that weekend.   What we got from Eric and Jason energized us for days.   For weeks.   For years.   For a lifetime, really.   What those two guys gave my son and me is – well – there are no words for all of that.   There are many things that bind me with my son.   Few are more important to me than that Father’s Day weekend in 1995.   My guess is that my son agrees.

buy online cytotec 200 mcgAll the income from that camp goes to the hospital where Jason shared his friendship with Eric.   And this year’s camp is full.   Intimacy at this event is important to Eric.   But if you have a young child, next year’s camp should be something to consider.   And the year after.   And the year after that.   My son has already invited me to join him and his two toddler sons in a few years.   I’m not sure Eric ever envisioned three generations in the same camp.

buy cytotecBut what a better way to honor the life that started it all.   Young Jason’s.   Maybe I know Jason better than I think.   Soon my grandchildren will know him.   And my vision of the perfect Father’s Day will change again.

Here’s a link to Eric’s camp.

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Look, this year’s Fathers Day is happening at a time that is way too close to next year’s elections.   So, it just seems appropriate that I comment on fathers, sons and politics.

Think what you will about the Bushes.   I don’t care.   I’m not here to argue such nonsense.   But think about this.

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Just one week before Fathers’ Day, a presidential candidate and the SON and BROTHER of two former United States presidents, dropped his last name when he entered the race?


I get it.   The two former Bush presidents aren’t really held in any real positive light by the media or Democrats or others.   But what does Jeb’s campaign logo say about his principals?

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For the love of God, the kid’s father was a VICE PRESIDENT AND PRESIDENT of The United States!   And he chose to drop his daddy’s last name just a week before Father’s Day?



Well, I think that move will kill his chances of winning the nomination or the presidency.   That is, unless he uses as his campaign slogan what I think his dad was quoted as saying years ago.   Or maybe it was his mom or brother, the other former president from the clan.   Whoever said it should be praised for coming up with the slogan that could win the election for young Jeb.

The quote?   My proposed slogan?

“Jeb’s the smart one.”

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If he uses that quote, then, hell yeah I will vote for him


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Look, though, I am all about equal time and fairness when it comes to politics.   I just read on the internet that Hillary Clinton is urging a “new era of shared American prosperity.”



buy cytotec online 200 mcg no prescriptionMan, she’s my gal!   And I tell you what, if y’all can tell me how to reach her to ask for a handout or even for just a personal loan or at least share with me the debit card password from her multi-billion-dollar Clinton Foundation bank account, well…


Hell yeah!   I will vote for her, too!

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I really need to write something original right now.   But God, my son and my former co-workers and customers have given me way too much to comprehend and organize to pass along much of anything in any original manner at this time.


But I will preface the words I wrote in a “Lunar Classic” over five years ago with some original stuff.

A couple of months ago, I guess, the heart and soul I placed in my work of the past couple of years began to fade.   The work was hard.   Very hard.   The schedule was brutal.   Very brutal.   But for almost two years, my love of the plants I sold, and especially my love of the folks who visited our store and of those who worked there, well – all of that seemed to make the hard and brutal stuff worthwhile.

Some misunderstandings between management and my devotion to my plants and folks began to change all of that a couple of months ago.   My passion for all the good I was trying to do was suddenly replaced by self-doubt and low self-esteem.   My son knew this.   And he talked with me.   It was almost like my deceased mom was speaking through him.   With each word he spoke, I heard Mama.

“Turn your problems over to God.   He will take care of you,” my son and mom said to me over and over again that night.

I believe in God.   And I believe in the teachings of Jesus.   But I also believe that God placed upon us the responsibility of taking care of ourselves so that He can devote His time to more important matters.

Well, I caved into my son and his grandmother a few weeks ago.   And I released onto God all of my problems.   At that time, God responded with my hiring for a part-time job.   But that wasn’t enough for me to leave my full-time work.

Just last Tuesday, after meeting with my managers, I was hired for another part-time job elsewhere.   Last Friday I was hired as a Guest Services guy for a professional sports team.   And just light night, I was rehired for part-time work I did for a few years when I lived in another town.

Yesterday was my final day at the job I held for the past couple of years.   And, once again, God took over.   He gave me permission to leave that work for new opportunities.   And He lifted my self-esteem by delivering to me words from former co-workers and customers and new managers.   Words I will never forget.   And words that my heart celebrated on yet another day that even surpasses the day that produced the words from “The Day,” the Classic Lunar I wrote over five years ago.

Here is “The Day” Originally posted on March 22, 2010.


“I’m just sitting here.   That’s all.

I don’t know what to do.   To say.   To think, really.

Today is one of those days.   One of those incredible days.   When people.   Real people.   Show themselves.   Angels, I call them.   For a lot of people, days like this one don’t happen often.   When they do, it’s mostly unexpected.   One of these days, I will expect days like this every day.  For now?   I need to just be amazed.

It could have gone either way.   The day, that is.   It did not.   It went one way.   The best way.   Other days go other ways.   This one went the way it needed to go.   Or.   The way I needed it to go.

Sometimes we drudge on.   We don’t know where we are going.   Or where we need to be.   But we drudge and we try.   We often turn to faith.   We let go of the drudgery.   We hand it off.   Because we are so tired.

And after drudging, wondering, hoping, praying and letting go, another angel appears.   And we rest.   And we sleep.   So peacefully.   And our peaceful sleep dreams are so sweet and promising.   We rest.   Such a beautiful rest.

And we gain strength.  From the rest.   From the angel.   From the person whose angelic touch we felt.   And from the day.   And we move forward.   Knowing what we know.   Feeling what we feel.   Being who we are.   And acknowledging the promise of our most beautiful rest.

Days like this?   Well.   We prepare for them ourselves.   Others make them for us.   Others help us sustain them.   It is God.   It is faith.   But it is also, most definitely, others who know God and faith.   And love.   It is people, you know?   Other people.

I can do or say no more right now.   For now, I think, God and I need me to just sit.   And to be amazed.   Tomorrow I will drudge.   Or maybe just move forward.   With a glow on my face and a smile on my lips.   And the ultimate acknowledgement of tomorrow.

I wrote this a few weeks ago.   On the night after yet another incredible visit from yet another incredible angel.   He knows who he is.   He just really wouldn’t like me to be specific about things.”

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can i get cytotec without a prescription?Look, I tried my damnedest to come up with the perfect letter of resignation before I left my job of the past two years.   I really did.   I even researched this stuff.

Unfortunately, I think my research may have – just may have – led me down the wrong road.   My most fruitful research took me only to quotes of Fielding Mellish, the Woody Allen character in his 1971 move, “Bananas.”

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“I once stole a pornographic book that was printed in braille.   I used to rub the dirty parts.”


canada cytotec


“I’m not suited to this job.   Where do I come off testing products?   Machines hate me.   I should be working at a job that I have some kinda aptitude for, like donating sperm to an artificial insemination lab.”

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Esposito, a character from “Bananas” said, “You have a chance to die for freedom.”

Fielding Mellish responded, “Yes, well, freedom is wonderful.   On the other hand, if you’re dead, it’s a tremendous drawback to your sex life.”

Then I found it.   The perfect words.   From Woody Allen and that movie.   And I used my company authorized marker to write those words on my company authorized notepad.

The words were simple and straight forward.

“So long, suckers”