LUNACY – “THE SMART ONE” June 15, 2015



Look, this year’s Fathers Day is happening at a time that is way too close to next year’s elections.   So, it just seems appropriate that I comment on fathers, sons and politics.

Think what you will about the Bushes.   I don’t care.   I’m not here to argue such nonsense.   But think about this.

jeb, george george


Just one week before Fathers’ Day, a presidential candidate and the SON and BROTHER of two former United States presidents, dropped his last name when he entered the race?


I get it.   The two former Bush presidents aren’t really held in any real positive light by the media or Democrats or others.   But what does Jeb’s campaign logo say about his principals?

Former President George Bush, right, clenches his fist Sept.16, 1994 as he hugs son, Jeb during a Florida GOP fund-raiser in Tampa. After a hiatus, Bush has been hitting the campaign trail and lecture circuit with a vengence, raising millions for Republican candidates and getting digs in at President Bill Clinton along the way. (AP Photo/Chris O'Meara)


For the love of God, the kid’s father was a VICE PRESIDENT AND PRESIDENT of The United States!   And he chose to drop his daddy’s last name just a week before Father’s Day?



Well, I think that move will kill his chances of winning the nomination or the presidency.   That is, unless he uses as his campaign slogan what I think his dad was quoted as saying years ago.   Or maybe it was his mom or brother, the other former president from the clan.   Whoever said it should be praised for coming up with the slogan that could win the election for young Jeb.

The quote?   My proposed slogan?

“Jeb’s the smart one.”

jeb smart one

If he uses that quote, then, hell yeah I will vote for him


Hillary 2


Look, though, I am all about equal time and fairness when it comes to politics.   I just read on the internet that Hillary Clinton is urging a “new era of shared American prosperity.”



hillary foundationMan, she’s my gal!   And I tell you what, if y’all can tell me how to reach her to ask for a handout or even for just a personal loan or at least share with me the debit card password from her multi-billion-dollar Clinton Foundation bank account, well…


Hell yeah!   I will vote for her, too!

hillary 1

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