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Any “Care-lina” fan who loves football, loves what I posted for the first time last year. That was just four days after the 60th anniversary of the original presentation and only two days after our team lost it’s second straight early season game.   This is only the second of what will become a continuing annual posting of this classic recording.

Enjoy, y’all!   And have a drank on me!   Do.

CLASSIC LUNACY – “WE KNOW FOOTBALL”  From September 29, 2014

Look here, y’all. Things ain’t quite right here in Care-lina.   For you God forsaken sandlappers south of God’s country, I’m talkin’ ’bout the REAL Care-lina – NORTH Care-lina!   But I ’em here to put all y’all’s minds at perfik ease.   I am.

See, them bumkins from ECTC in Greenvull and them lappers from Climpsun might just blieve that we all up eere on the Hill ain’t got no football sense attall.   But dang it, y’all.   We got some deep roots in nat game.   We know whut football is.   We do.   We really do.

September twenty-fiff, nineteen hunderd and fifty four, a good Care-lina guy – a good un, a real good un – set us all straight.   He did.

buy cytotec oral

So you woeful feller Care-lina folk, take yer shoes off and kick back a spell.   Take a drank a big ornge an’ hit dem yeller wurds down nere that’s a sayin’ “What It Was Was Football.”   Then jest do your dangdest to ferget ’bout dem losses.

And laff and laff and laff!  Do.

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