You guys will probably tire very soon of my rather sappy postings. The truth is, however, I really do give my heart and soul to those who care enough about me and the work that I do to actually ask me to work with them. Tomorrow, I will be with some folks in Virginia. I have known, cared about, loved and worked with these guys since 1992.

As I recall, my first job with Schewel Furniture was in the late spring or early summer of 1992. In fact, I was with my crew in Lynchburg at that time to shoot a series of commercials. While in Lynchburg, I received a call from my Dad who was in the hospital and who thought, at the time, he wouldn’t make it home. It was a very special phone call.

He survived that hospital stay. In November of that same year, he did not survive. My family and I received many plants and arrangements from friends after his death. But the very first plant to arrive at my home came from some folks I had only known a few short months – the people at Schewels. Amazing. That blew me away.

Since that time, I have certainly had my ups and downs, but the Sales Management Team has stuck with me. So has the Schewel family. So have the wonderful vendors who always have kind words to say to us even when we stick cameras in their faces.

Schewel Furniture Company and the folks who own and run the business will forever be in my heart. Those who help me with this work understand. They know how true this is.

More to come…But no more sap!

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