This morning, I just really didn’t feel like writing anything. I know. I’ve heard professional writers say all my life, “You must have discipline.” Look, if I had discipline, I wouldn’t be trying to be a writer. Instead, I’d get up every morning, go punch in somewhere, do my 8 hours and punch out. Now THAT takes discipline.

So instead of writing, I went to the Y to play “Geezer Ball.” I just got back. I’ve been a member of the local YMCA for 15 years. Every day at noon, the basketball courts are reserved for pick up games for men over the age of 18, but the courts are mostly occupied by geezers who are the ages I used to be. Of the regulars, I think I’m the third oldest geeze. But, hey – I can still hold my own!

I joined the Y after a long and severe bout with back pain, bulging discs and sciatica so bad I once was carried by stretcher from an Atlanta hotel to a nearby hospital. I thought I would never play ball with my child, never mow the yard again, and never again walk a golf course. They helped me overcome that. The Y and “Geezer-Ball” saw me through health problems, marriage breakups, business failures, depressions, financial woes, and too many deaths. No matter how large the problem or how low the emotions, a couple of hours with Basketball Bob, The Big E, Silk, Jimbo and the other Geezers have always sort of settled things down a bit. Without the Y, I would likely be lost.

After all these years, I now have an opportunity to work with the Y on a professional level. I have already done some preliminary stuff, but deadlines and details have yet to be set. I am looking forward to this. I am certain that if I can get onto videotape what is in my heart, this will be the best work I have ever done.

I will keep you posted…

40 thoughts on “CLASSIC LUNAR – “GEEZER BALL”

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