FROM AUGUST 27, 2009

This is the very first issue of THE LUNAR REPORT. It started out as a kind of newsletter for Moon Productions, but who knows where it will lead. Besides, who cares about newsletters? I really don’t think I can spout off about how wonderful my work and I are, and isn’t that the purpose a newsletter? I will say this: If you can judge a man’s character and value by his friends, then I am the most wonderful and successful man alive. At any rate, thanks for indulging me here.

Tomorrow I will be videotaping a basketball training program in Cary run by a young man who grew up shooting hoops with my son in our front yard. He became the starting point guard at Elon University, and will be leaving soon to play professional ball. I will always feel that the uphill basketball court and gravel in my yard are what made him so good! Hey! Give an old man something to hang onto, will ya?

His name is Brian Waters and he is owner/operator of X-Treme Basketball Training Academy. If you have a youngin’ or know of a serious young basketball player who has some serious hoops’ dreams, get in touch with Brian. I’ve seen him play. I’ve seen him work. I know the man’s heart. He is awesome. More next week…

NOTE: The shoot went great! The problem was, Brian is very quick, very fast, and very difficult to follow in the viewfinder of a camera! Nevertheless, what a good time!camera! Nevertheless, what a good time!

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