LUNACY – “DROPPING NEW YEARS” December 31, 2017

(This may be a Lunacy, but it’s mostly true!)

I’m not much of an “out with old – in with the new” kind of guy. In my older years, I prefer to focus only on what’s new. Well, this New Year’s Eve is different.

And I guess it’s my own fault.

I did about eight hours of work today. Just to free up my time for a New Year’s day off. And my work involves, among other things, just my ability to hold onto stuff. Small things. Lightweight stuff. Just holding onto those things is a major factor in finishing my work in a timely manner, and – most of all – a major factor in helping me to avoid self anger.

Well, I probably could have finished today’s work in thirty-minutes. The eight hours were fraught with self anger! Y’all get it, right?

When I finished the work I was doing at a Food Lion, I took a bunch of collards, a can of Brunswick Stew and a two-pack of Food Lion butter to the express checkout lane at that store. Like I do every time I check out at Food Lion, tonight I took out my keys to show the clerk my MVP tag and my debit card to pay for the collards, stew and butter. Well, before the clerk could ring up even one item, I dropped something. I think it was my keys. I just said to myself, “Well, damn!”

Then I looked at the cashier and told her the truth. I said to her, “Look, every third thing I touch, I drop!” She loved it!  At least, I got a good laugh from her. That kind of made my constant dropping of things today worthwhile. Just to get that laugh.

But it didn’t end at Food Lion. I still had some clerical work to do once I got home. So, as usual, I fixed myself a cocktail to sip while finishing the work. Tonight I chose to use my favorite of the two cocktail glasses I have. At some point, I paused the work, took a sip and placed my favorite glass on the end table. Before I could even focus on the work after that sip, I heard glass breaking and liquid splashing.  I missed the damned table.

I don’t know exactly how long I have had that glass. I do know that I have had it for years – maybe decades! I really did love that glass thing. And when it broke? I must have uttered a cuss word or two. But then I smiled and said, “Hell. It’s New Year’s Eve. Out with old and in with the new!”

Now, the “out with the old,” when it comes to that glass, is clear to me. But “in with the new?” I was at a loss with that notion for a brief time. Then I realized that my birthday is only twelve days away. And since I now have only one cocktail glass, and I know how thoughtful and giving are my friends, well – the specs on my favorite was roughly four-inches in height, and two inches in diameter with a tapered base. I will accept single glasses or sets.

But– most importantly to us all!  Let’s hang onto the old as long as we can.  When that stuff breaks down, let’s hang onto the memories.  And allow those memories to grace our lives with all the new stuff God and others will be sending our way.


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