THE LUNAR REPORT – “TWO WORDS” October 10, 2018

Just as is the word, “love,” the word, “friend” seems to often be superficial and overused. I have doubted my own sincerity when using so often those two worn out words. But I am a fool. So I forgive myself.

Look, I have made no bones about this. With the problems my age seems to present, I need to be gardening. I need to be sunning myself on a Boca beach or golfing on an inland course. That’s what old men do, right?

The beautiful things are, I have discovered no plant or flower that I wish to plant. I have no access to Boca or any other beaches right now. And I really do suck at golf. What I have discovered lately are things that are truly a great deal more beautiful than any plant, beach or golf course.

Friends seem to be coming out of the woodwork these days – like cock roaches. They are family. They are old friends. They are new ones. They are the most beautiful roaches God has ever created.

They call. We talk. They email. We write. We text and we screw up but move on. And when each verbal and written conversation ends, they each end the very same ways these days.

Maybe we don’t always actually use those two words. But when the conversations end, it is is clear what we each mean to the other. They are the thoughts and sounds of the simple and beautiful words that even a fool can comprehend.

“I love you, my friend.”

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