As a parent, you always seem to panic about nonsense. Even when your child is an adult. You worry about stuff. Is your kid happy? Is your kid well fed? Why is the kid coughing? What troubles the kid? You know. Just stupid stuff parents worry about.

Look, I really don’t care for Hallmark created “days.” Like Grandparent’s Day, Sister’s and Brother’s days, Deaf Dog’s Days and Incontinent Cat’s Days. A few Sunday’s ago, I fell for it. I sort of wished my only son, on social media, a happy National Son’s Day – a day early.

Well, I don’t know when the National Parent’s Day is. But I hope like hell that when it happens, no one acknowledges me on that day. I don’t deserve it. I screwed up big time. Several days after Son’s Day. That was National Daughter’s Day. I was with my only daughter. And I said nothing about the day.

Old time and traditional notions would dictate to me that the woman I am speaking of is nothing more than a “daughter-in-law.” I am old time, to be sure. But when it comes to her, I throw tradition to the wind. If there were a way to gauge this old man’s pride, you would easily recognize that I am talking about my only daughter.

A few days ago, on National Daughter’s Day, I went to the birthday party of her nine year old nephew. There were good friends of her sisters there, as well as nieces and other nephews. There were great nieces and nephews there, too. Younger folks. Even toddlers and infants. She brought to the gathering her mom, three of her own older children and an autistic teen kid she takes such great care of every day. It was a good and fun crowd. But she spent most of her time, taking care of her autistic kid while holding, coddling and feeding the two infants and one toddler.

I often overuse words like “beautiful,” “love” and “amazing.” When I think of or talk to her, I try to tamper down my emotional verbal enthusiasm a bit. I fail every time. It cannot be helped. She is the most beautiful woman I have ever known. In every way. That includes love and amazement.

These days, I don’t panic so much. My only son’s guardian angel is my only daughter. And hers is my only son. When my two favorite people have each other, why the hell should I worry?

Forgive me, daughter, for neglecting your day. You are a beautiful and amazing angel. Every day and always.

I love you, Sherri.