2020 is good. It always has been.

Beginning back in June of 1978, every Tuesday night, I would say, “Sweet! 20-20 is on TV tonight.”

As a kid, my optometrist would always say at the end of my appointment, “Kid, you don’t need to be here. You have 20-20!”

Look, I know the year 2020 is disturbing to most folks. I also know that when 2019 left, we all breathed a sigh of relief! So, y’all. Treasure what you wished against last December. And be careful what you wish for in the future.

In my eyes, though, 2020 has been a damned good year.

Look, y’all know that above all else – family, love, friends, money, everything – the most important thing to me is University of North Carolina Basketball. We stunk in 2019. We were even worse in the first quarter of 2020. But before we would be certainly eliminated from the NCAA Championship, the year 2020, eliminated the entire tournament and every team. That was sweet. But the sweetest thing was, we won one more ACC Tournament game than did Dook! Dook has been my team’s bitter rival for close to two centuries! And they weren’t allowed to play even one game in that tournament. No other year has even come close to producing that outcome!

But college hoops are just the beginning. Ever since puberty, the fear of going out in public with nose hairs showing, pretty much created the Dave Moon introvert. For decades, I would spend my spare time trying to groom nose hairs rather than leaving home to spend fun times with friends in public. The freakin’ 2020 masks solved that problem! Those hairs are secondary these days. I am now a social butterfly! It’s hard to breath, but still….

One of my life long dreams was to produce and direct an Academy Award winning motion picture, and driving to Hollywood and to the red carpet in my 1971 pea green Pinto to accept my award. Well, some damned awful years took the Pinto out of the equation. Those same awful years also destroyed that dream. But during most of 2020, I think I have watched every film presented by Netflix and Roku. After all those decades of disappointment, I can seriously declare that I would have kicked ass over every moment of the crap I have been watching!

Enough of the past. Thanksgiving, 2020, is coming up soon. I’ll be honest with you. As a kid, I always hated being delegated to the “kid’s table” during Thanksgiving meals. As an adult, many times, in deference to the lonely kids excluded from the adult table, I chose to be a child again and eat with the children there. Well, 2020 is the kids’ year! This year there will be “old folks’ card tables” with plexiglass dividers. If the old folks in attendance bring the total number of guests to over ten, this year’s card tables will be on the porch. This sounds absurd, I know, but I would love the change. Kids deserve 2020 big table privileges!

Look, there really are some wonderful and beautiful moments that only 2020 could have caused. Families being together. Kids playing with other kids in the street. Couples and families walking and smiling and meeting other couples and families. Strangers helping strangers.

Honestly, I pray that when 2021 comes around, we will abandon all sighs. We will welcome kids at grown up tables. And we will cherish all that we learned and loved in 2020.