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FROM JUNE 13, 2014   I have a dad. But I am a dad, too. And this is Father’s Day. This week’s “Father’s Day” Lunar Report deals with my dad. I guess this Lunacy should deal with the poor child who has had to wish me a happy Father’s Day every year since the mid-80’s. I … buy genuine cytotec in the u.s.

THE LUNAR REPORT – “SHORT LIVES”  February 25, 2017

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Last night, I asked this question on Facebook: “What goes through the minds of lifelong and dear friends when their lifelong and dear friends simply oppose the political beliefs of those they love dearly?”   The responses I got were actually all wonderful ones. And I heard from three really beautiful and longtime friends and … buy cytotec online canada

CLASSIC LUNACY – “DELIVERY ROOM”  From February 13, 2012

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FROM FEBRUARY 13, 2012 The kid’s name is Princeton Jordan Moon. Some in his family call him PJ. Others call him Prince.    I think his mom prefers that we say, “Princeton” when referring to her youngest child. I call him “Sweet-P.” Just a few years ago, Sweet-P was born. He entered his world in one … canadian generic cytotec no prescription